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For the average audience member, the exclusive combination of violin and organ may not be as predictable as that of violin and piano. However, since childhood, Paul has been making music with the pipe organ: first with his grandfather, Jan Winters, an accomplished amateur, then later professionally in Europe.


In 2011, Paul had the pleasure of giving a concert with Stefan Donner, a fellow colleague in the Master programme at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Since then, the two have given concerts throughout Holland, notably in the Sint–Nicolaaskerk Purmerend – a church with three organs historical organs. The duo has also given concerts in Mr. Donner's city of residence, Vienna, notably in the beautiful Peterskirche and Christuskirche.


Repertoire includes not only the Baroque masters, J. S. Bach, Händel and Corelli, but also lesser-known Romantic composers such as Josef Rheinberger and Otto Olsson.


"Violin and organ is one of my favourite duo-combinations. In my view, both instruments fit very well together because of the rich and long history that they share. As a duo, this gives us the chance to explore the vast repertoire from the Early Baroque to present – we are extremely lucky musicians.” – Stefan

“Playing with a pipe organ is quite similar to playing with a full symphonic orchestra. The range of tone colours and sheer expanse of sound is profoundly exciting and full of possibility! However, with a single organist one still has complete musical flexibility, that of which is only found in chamber music and not whilst playing with an orchestra of 60 musicians... In a way, it's the best of both worlds.” – Paul

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